Roof Reports

Roof Reports


A Roof Report is a written report, that is issued by an individual or by a company that is a licensed roofing contractor, after a Roof Inspection has been completed on the roof of a home.  The Roof Report provides a detailed description of any current roofing conditions that need to be corrected and any preventative maintenance to prevent a future roof problem from occurring.  The Roof Report will provide options, from roof cleaning, roof maintenance, simple roof repairs, major roof repairs, roof restoration, or it may even recommend that a complete roof replacement is necessary.


A Roof Report should be obtained whenever a roof problem is noticed or suspected; for maintenance to prevent a future roof problem; or, during the purchase, sell or financing of a home in any real estate transaction.  Some examples of situations in which a Roof Report should be obtained are as follows:

  • Roof Certification
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Leaks
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Escrow Closings
  • Buyer Inspections
  • 2nd Opinions
  • Escrow and Title Requirements
  • Damage Caused by Animal or Bird Intrusion
  • Wind or Rain Damage
  • Pre-Listings
  • Listings
  • Short Sales
  • Lender Requirements
  • Homeowner Insurance Policy Requirements


In many cases, a Roof Certification is required as a condition by the Buyer, the Lender, or the Homeowner Insurance Company before a real estate transaction can be completed. A Roof Inspection produces the Roof Report, which contains a description of what roof conditions need to be corrected before the Roof Certification can be issued.  Typically, a Roof Report will contain a description of conditions that were observed and discovered during the Roof Inspection.   Some of the notable items described in a Roof Report are as follows:

  • The Inspection Method Used
  • Number of Roof Layers
  • Pitch of the Roof
  • Roof Type
  • Estimated Age of the Roof
  • Estimated Remaining Years of Life Expectancy of the Roof
  • Condition of the Ridge Caps
  • Condition of the Roof Vents
  • Any Noticeable Leaks
  • Color of the Roofing Material
  • Certifiable Condition of the Roof
  • Duration of any Required Certification
  • Any Findings of Current Problems or Conditions That Could Pose Future Roof Problems
  • Recommendations to Correct Current Problems and to Prevent Future Problems


Most roofing companies will charge up to $100 or more for a Roof Inspection and the issuance of the Roof  Report.   Often times, this inspection fee is paid for the Roof Inspection and the Roof Report only to realize that you just paid to find out that the roof requires a major repair or needs a roof replacement, with the only consolation being that you can now apply the cost of this inspection fee to a future roof repair or roof replacement.   The problem with this inspection fee is that it is owed to the roofing company regardless of how unreasonable the roof repair, roof maintenance or roof replacement estimates turn out to be in the Roof Report. And, if for whatever reason, the recommended repairs are never completed or a different roofing company is preferred, then someone ends up having to pay for this inspection fee.  Roofing contractors know that they book a small percentage of repair jobs out of all the roofs that they inspect.  Sadly, many roofing companies defend their collection of this inspection fee since it has become their primary source of income, due to the fact that they do very few actual repair jobs.


At ROOF DOCTORS, we don’t feel that it is good business practice to charge an inspection fee for a Roof Inspection and a Roof Report. The cost for a ROOF DOCTOR’s Roof Inspection and Roof Report is FREE of charge.   There are no gimmicks and no games.   ROOF DOCTORS does not require the purchase of our roof repairs or our No-Dollar Limitation Roof Certification Leak Warranty in order for our Roof Inspection and Roof Report to be FREE of charge.   There is no obligation until we are authorized to perform any roof repairs or until we are authorized to issue our 2 or 3-Year No-Dollar Limitation Roof Certification Leak Warranty. A ROOF DOCTOR’s Roof Inspection and Roof Report will describe the condition of the roof and any repairs that may be necessary to satisfy the requirement for a Roof Certification that may be needed to complete a real estate transaction.


Ordering a FREE Roof Report is easy. Simply contact ROOF DOCTORS via our website, telephone or email and request our FREE Roof Inspection.  Once our FREE Roof Inspection has been completed, a FREE Roof Report is issued which describes any current roof conditions that need immediate corrective action, and any current roof conditions that will lead to future roof problems if not immediately corrected.  This Roof Report will set forth any conditions that need to be corrected before we can issue our No-Dollar Limitation Roof Certification Leak Warranty.  Simply sign the estimate for repairs on the Roof Report, authorizing any necessary repairs to be completed, and return it to us via email or FAX. Once we have received the signed authorization we can immediately issue our No-Dollar Limitation Roof Certification Leak Warranty, in order not to hold up the loan or real estate transaction, and the repairs are then scheduled for completion.

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