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Many people get confused by the terms “Roof Repair Estimate” and “Roof Inspection” and often times they think that they mean the same thing.   In most cases you will pay for a Roof Inspection but you will not have to pay for a Roof Repair Estimate. In some cases you think that you are ordering a Roof inspection but you end up with a Roof Repair Estimate instead and vice versa.


A Roof Repair Estimate is exactly that – an estimate to perform a specific repair or repairs to a roof.  A Roof Repair Estimate can even be an estimate to install a new roof.  Typically a roofing contractor is prohibited from charging a fee to provide a Roof Repair Estimate for a potential repair job.  This is to prevent unscrupulous roofing contractors from making money solely by providing roof repair estimates when they are in the business of providing actual repair services.   If you are ever asked to pay a fee for a Roof Repair Estimate, kindly decline the request, and contact the California State Licensing Board with the license number of the offending roofing contractor.A Roof Repair Estimate is usually required when a roof is leaking during the rainy season and immediate services are needed to stop the leak, or when roof maintenance is needed to prevent a future leak. The Roof Repair Estimate is typically a written document that will indicate where the leak is occurring, the source of the leak, the cause of the leak, what repairs are recommended to stop the leak from occurring, and a price estimate of what it will cost to perform the roof repair to stop the leak.  There is usually a signature line on the Roof Repair Estimate that requires an authorization before a repair can be performed.   The Roof Repair Estimate is signed by the person responsible for payment and it is either FAXED or emailed to the Roofing Contractor before work can commence.


A Roof Inspection is an inspection performed by a professional Roofing Company to determine the current condition of the roof.  After a Roof Inspection is performed, a detailed Roof Report is provided which describes any current roofing conditions that need to be corrected and any preventative maintenance to prevent a future roof problem from occurring.  The Roof Report will provide options, from roof cleaning, roof maintenance, simple roof repairs, major roof repairs, roof restoration, or it may even recommend that a complete roof replacement is necessary.  A Roofing Contractor is able to charge a fee for a Roof Inspection because they are providing a Roof Report which goes beyond providing a simple Roof Repair Estimate.   A Roofing Contractor will typically charge their customers up to $100 or more for the completion of a Roof  Inspection and the issuance of the Roof Report.

A Roof Inspection and Roof Report are usually obtained when: purchasing a home as part of the buyer inspection process; when a seller is listing a property to be made aware of a roof problem that could affect their transaction; when a roof certification  is required by a lender as a condition of loan funding; when a roof certification is required by a home owner insurance policy;  or when a roof certification is required by a buyer, before closing on a property that they are purchasing, to make sure that the roof isn’t going to be a problem after they move into the home.  The Roof Report will contain an estimate to repair current damage to the roof, preventative maintenance to prevent future damage to the roof, and an offer for a Roof Certification Leak Warranty that will warranty that the entire roof is free from leakage for the next 2 or 3 years.


When a Home Inspector performs a home inspection on a home they usually examine several different components during their inspection.   One of the components that a Home Inspector will examine is the roofing system and roof covering.  During their examination of the roofing system and roof covering, a Home Inspector will observe:  the condition of the visible roofing materials; the visible portions of roof flashings, roof soffitts, and fascias; and visible roof vents, skylights, chimneys, roof penetrations, and other accessories visible from the exterior.   The Home Inspector will describe their observations in their Home Inspection Report.

A Home Inspector does NOT:  warrant or certify that roof systems, coverings, or components are free from leakage;  predict roof service life expectancy; perform a water test; walk on steep pitched roof surfaces; warrant or certify roofs; confirm proper fastening; determine manufacturer’s defects, exceptions, installation methods or recalls; determine the number of roofing layers; and does not provide roof repair estimates for any roofing problems that they have found and noted in their Home Inspection Report.  The reason for a Roof Inspection and a Roof Report from a California Licensed Roofing Contractor is to fill in these gaps that are excluded from the Home Inspection Report that pertain to the roof.   The Roof Inspection and Roof Report will mention similar things found in the Home Inspection Report, and will set forth the current condition of the roof and whether or not it will affect the current or future water shedability of the roof.


Roofing contractors will typically charge their customers up to $100 or more for a Roof Inspection and the issuance of the Roof Report.   However, Roof Inspections and Roof Reports performed by ROOF DOCTORS are completed FREE of charge and are usually issued within 24 to 48 business hours after an inspection has been requested.   Roof Reports are conveniently FAXed or emailed the same day of the inspection.   Roof Doctors provides Roof Inspection, performs roof repairs and issues their :No-Dollar Limitation Roof Certification Leak Warranty” on more homes in Northern California than any other roofing company.   Call our office during business hours and our fully-staffed office will immediately take care of your needs or they will return  your phone call promptly.   After business hours, inspection requests can be made online or by email and our staff will take care of your roofing needs on the very next business day.


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