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“No other Roofing Company in Northern California Inspects, Repairs and Certifies More Roofs; or, Solves More Roof Leak Problems”

Roof Repairs & Inspection Lodi California

Serving the following Northern California Counties:  Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.

Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley DBA,  provides Free Roof Inspection, Roof Repairs, and Roof Certification in Lodi California and to other cities in San Joaquin County California such as: AcampoEscalonFarmingtonFrench CampLathropLindenLockefordLodiMantecaMoradaMountain HouseRiponStocktonTerminousThorntonTracyVictorWaterloo & Woodbridge.
Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley, has created a video library of roof problems to assist our website users in seeing roof conditions and problems that we find every day while performing our roof inspection, and we provide a video library of repairs performed to solve these problems.  We offer the best roof certification leak warranty and provide various roofing contractor services.   No other company inspects, repairs or certifies more roofs in Northern California.

Roof Repairs Lodi California

Roof Doctors was contacted to perform a roof inspection on a home in Lodi California.   The roof was a 3-tab composition roof.  During the roof inspection it was discovered that someone had installed a hot water heater vent and at the base of the vent it was roofed incorrectly.  Referring to the video, it can be seen that whoever performed this roof repairs to install the hot water heater vent installed it over the top of the composition roofing material and then attempted to seal around the base by using mastic or a sealant of some kind.  This type of roof repairs almost never works because the sealant develops cracks as it is exposed to the wind, air and rain and will almost always leak over time.  After the roof inspection we recommended roof repairs to remove the vent and roofing material from around and under the vent, to install the vent, and then to properly roof around the base flashing.


                                                    Lodi California Roof Repairs & Roof Inspection

A roof inspection was completed on a home in Lodi California to determine if roof repairs were necessary.   The roof inspection found plumbing vents that were not installed and roofed properly and roof repairs are now needed.   This video provides a perfect example of how vent flashings should be installed on a roof.   The video describes how the vent flashings were installed directly onto the roofing material and set into place with adhesive and then sealed around to prevent leakage.   All of the vent flashing must be under the roofing material except for the bottom  base edge which must be on top of the roofing material.   Roof repairs are now needed to remove these flashings, to remove the roofing material from around the flashing, to install and re-roof around the flashings properly.   Check out your roof inspection and roof repairs video in Lodi California.


                                                  Roof Repairs & Roof Inspection Lodi California

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We also provide roofing services to these other San Joaquin County communities:  AcampoEscalonFarmingtonFrench CampLathropLindenLockefordLodiMantecaMoradaMountain HouseRiponStocktonTerminousThorntonTracyVictorWaterloo & Woodbridge.
We also offer roofing services to the following Northern California counties:  Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.
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