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Composition Roof Repairs, Problems Videos & Photos

Roof Doctors performs over 1,000 roof inspections and performs roof repairs on 100’s of roofs every month in Northern California.  Because of the large volume of inspections that we perform, we are able to use our experience to document and discover the roof problems and repairs with with evidence of photos and videos regarding composition roofs.  Roof Doctors has assembled this collection of informational photos & videos to assist in trying to understand problems that are typically found during a roof inspection and what problems to look for with regard to composition roofs.  Determine the type of roof and then read the caption under the thumbnail photos and click on the thumbnail to watch the videos.

Composition Roof Problems, Roof Repairs Videos & Photos

During the course of inspections on a composition roof we discover problems and repairs that may be necessary and have taken photos and videos.  The following are thumbnail photos which pertain to videos of composition roof repairs and composition roof problems. Please click on the thumbnail photos to begin the youtube video clips of composition roof repairs and inspections:


Dimensional Composition Roof

Missing PlumbingVent Collar

Composition Roof Granulation Loss

Damaged 3-Tab Composition Shingles

Incorrectly Repaired Composition Roof

Incorrect Flat-Roof Application

Pre-Maturely Failed Ridge Capping

Incorrectly Roofed A/C Stand
Incorrectly Roofed Plumbing Vent
Properly Roofed A/C Stand

Wind Damaged Composition Roof

30-Year Ridge Cap and 20-Year Composition

Cracked and Missing Storm Collars

Badly Wind Damaged Composition Roo

Leaky Skylight on a Composition Roof

Damaged Roof Improperly Roofed AC Stand & Plumbing Jack

Eave Dry-Rot Damage on Comp Roof
Incomplete Re-Roof from Tile to Composition

Incorrect Repaired Valley on a Composition Roof

Improper Installation of Plumbing Jacks

Chimney Not Properly Counter Flashed

Incorrect Installation of Roof & Flashings

Improper Use of Mastic on Base of A/C Stand

3-Tab Composition Roof Beyond Repair

Comp Roof Certified As-Is & Home Inspector Differences

Composition Roof Installed Incorrectly

Composition Roof Repaired Incorrectly

Roof Certifiable As-Is & Importance of Roof Certification

Wind Damage from Repaired Shingles Not Sealed Properly

Inspections on Detached Buildings & Roof Certification

Failed Ridge Capping on a Composition Roof

Dry Rot Damage at Sheathing and Rafter Tails

Improper Repairs Made With Ridge Capping

Incorrectly Roofed A/C Stand on a Composition Roof

Incorrectly Roofed A/C Stand and Attic Fan

Presidential Composition Roof Certifiable As-Is

Wind & Dry Rot Damage on a Composition Roof

Wind Damage & Dry Rot at the Drip Edge

2-Layer Roof With Wind & Felt Damage

2-Layer Roof  Requires Replacement Due to Granulation Loss

Composition Roof With Ridge Cap Attic Ventilation System

Common Improper Repairs Made by Handyman or Homeowner

Bump in Roof from Lifted Sub-Roof Sheathing That Has Come Un-Nailed

Improper Installation With Exposed Courses and Exposed Nails

Importance of Keeping Tree Branches Trimmed Away From Roof

Incorrectly Roofed Heating and Plumbing Vent Penetrations

Wind Loosened Shingles That Require Repair
Rows of Shingles Slipping From Not Being Nailed Down Properly
Correctly & Incorrectly Roofed Vent Flashings
Wind Damaged Composition & Failed Ridge Capping Serious Sheathing Exposure Caused by Wind Damage
Plumbing Vent Flashings Roofed Incorrectly
Estimating The Age of a Composition Roof

Importance of Certification Even on Newer Roofs

Roof Inspections on Steeply-Pitched Roofs

Common Repairs on Low-Pitched Composition Roofs

Proper Flat-Roof Application Vs. Improper Flat-Roof Application

Rolled Roofing Material on Slightly-Pitched Roof

Roof Damage Caused by Overhanging Tree Branches

Wind Turbine Damage on Composition Roof

If you have any questions regarding any of our roof problems, roof repairs videos and photos, then please give us a call or send us an email and we will be glad to respond to your inquiry.    Please check out our Areas Served page to determine if we provide roofing contractor services in your area. If you do not see your area in our list then please contact our office to inquire if we are able to provide service in your area. If you notice anything in our photos and videos relating to your roof, then please contact us.


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