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“No other Roofing Company in Northern California Inspects, Repairs and Certifies More Roofs; or, Solves More Roof Leak Problems”

Roof Repairs Inspection Vacaville California

Serving the following Northern California Counties:  Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.

Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley DBA,  provides Vacaville Free Roof Inspection, Vacaville Roof Repairs, and Vacaville Roof Certifications and to other cities in Solano County, such as:  AllendaleBeniciaDixonElmiraFairfield, Rio VistaSuisun CityVacaville & Vallejo.
Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley, has created a video library of roof problems to assist our website users in seeing roof conditions and problems that we find every day while performing our roof inspection, and we provide a video library of repairs performed to solve these problems. We offer the best roof certification leak warranty and provide various roofing contractor services. No other company provides more roof inspection, roof repairs or roof certification in Northern California.

Roof Repairs and Roof Inspection Vacaville California

A roof inspection was performed on a home in Vacaville California to determine what roof repairs were needed.  The roof inspection found that the home had a dimensional composition roof that required no roof repairs. This type of roof has an estimated life of 25-30 years.  Usually our roof inspection will find little or no roof repairs on these types of roofs.  If our roof inspection does find anything wrong it is usually because the roof was installed properly.  Many times our roof inspection will find no repairs are needed and that the roof can be certifiable from leaks in its as-is condition.  If you have a dimensional composition roof that is leaking, has had improper roof repairs, or you are not sure whether it was installed properly, contact us for a free roof inspection.   Please see our roof inspection video in Vacaville California.


                                          Vacaville California Roof Inspection & Roof Repairs Video

A roof inspection was done on a home in Vacaville California to determine if roof repairs are necessary.  This roof inspection found a 3-tab composition roof that was 20-year material. The roof inspection found that this roof was installed by either a homeowner, handyman or general contractor because the roofing material was finished incorrectly around the penetration flashings.  Roof repairs are needed finish the roofing material in the valleys and around the vent flashings.   If you have a roof that was installed by anyone other than a licensed roofing contractor, contact us for a free roof inspection to determine if any roof repairs are needed to make sure that it installed properly.  Check out our roof inspection and roof repairs inspection video.


                                              Roof Repairs & Roof Inspection Vacaville California Video

Contact Roof Doctors for Roof Inspection or Roof Repairs in Vacaville California

Call today at (800) 913-1180 to receive a free roof inspection and a free roof report or a free estimate for roof repairs for all your Vacaville California Roof Inspection, Roof Repairs or Certification needs.


We provide services to the following Solano County communities:  AllendaleBeniciaDixonElmiraFairfield, Rio VistaSuisun CityVacaville & Vallejo.
We also offer roofing services to the following Northern California counties:   Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.
Check out our Areas Served page to determine of we provide roofing contractor services in your area.

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