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“No other Roofing Company in Northern California Inspects, Repairs and Certifies More Roofs; or, Solves More Roof Leak Problems”


Serving the following Northern California Counties:  Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.

Roof Repairs Free Inspections Yolo County California

Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley DBA,  provides Yolo County Roof Inspections, Yolo County Roof Repairs, and Yolo County Roof Certifications to cities in Yolo County, such as:  ClarksburgDavisEl MaceroWest Sacramento, Winters & Woodland

Roof Doctors was founded in 1987 and pioneered the process of wood shake restoration in Northern California.   Roof Doctors developed their own Roof Certification Leak Warranty and have been educating the real estate community, realtors and homeowners about the importance of obtaining a Roof Inspection and a Roof Certification Leak Warranty on their real estate transactions.
Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley, has created a video library of roof problems to assist our website users in seeing roof conditions and problems that we find every day while performing our inspections.  We also provide a video library of repairs performed to solve these problems.  We also offer the best roof certification leak warranty in the roofing industry.

Yolo County, CA Free Roof Inspections

Many of our competitors will charge up to $100 or more to a homeowner or a home buyer to inspect a roof and then issue a roof report describing how bad the roof is and what repairs  may be required to fix that roof.  We believe that paying a roofing contractor to describe any roof problems in a roof report is like a roofing contractor paying a homeowner to fix their roof….and we all know that isn’t going to happen.  Roof Doctors performs such a high-volume of inspections that it has the convenience of providing free roof inspections and free roof reports.  The following is an example of a free roof  inspection:
Free Roof Inspection Tip
 - Yolo County CaliforniaBuyer paid over $100 for a roof inspection report on a 15-year old, 3-tab composition roof and was told by the roofing company that they needed to replace the existing roof with a new one.    Buyer hired Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley, to perform a free roof inspection to provide a second opinion.   The roof still had five years of remaining life left and Roof Doctors was able to issue a 2-Year, Roof Certification Leak Warranty after some minor repairs were completed.Clarksburg, California – Free Roof Inspection

Roofing Tip – Roof Repair Yolo County Ca

A 3-tab composition roof is susceptible to high winds.   As these roofs age, some composition shingles become unsealed and the winds catch underneath these shingles which causes them to detach from the roof.  Insurance companies will consider this a wind damage claim and will pay for this repair pursuant to most homeowner insurance policies.

                                                              West Sacramento California – Roof Repair  

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Call today at (916) 721-6130 to receive a free roof inspection or a free roof estimate for all your Yolo County California Roof Inspections, Repairs or Certification needs.

We provide services to the following Yolo County communities:  ClarksburgDavisEl MaceroWest Sacramento, Winters & Woodland

We also offer roofing services to the following Northern California counties:  Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.
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