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“No other Roofing Company in Northern California Inspects, Repairs and Certifies More Roofs; or, Solves More Roof Leak Problems”

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Roof Doctors, Roofing Contractors, Roofers, Adam Wilfley DBA, is a Roseville Roofer providing Roofing Repair, Roofers and Roofing Contractors Services to the following Placer County cities:AuburnGranite BayLincolnLoomisNewcastleRocklin, and Roseville.
Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley, Roofers, Roofing Contractors, and Roofing Repair has created avideo library of roof problems to assist our website users in understanding roof conditions and problems that we find every day while performing our inspections.  We also provide a video library of repairs performed to solve these problems.  We also offer the best roof certification leak warranty in the roofing industry and provide many other roofing contractor services in Northern California.

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Our roofing contractors were performing a roof repair on a home that had an S-Tile style roof.  Our roofers had removed tiles from a valley flashing in order to repair a roof leak that was being caused by debris blockage in the valley. In this video. you can observe our roofers removing the debris blockage from the valley.  Our roofing contractors are scooping up the debris and are putting it in plastic bags so that it doesn’t fall around the perimeter of the home and causing a mess.  After the major portions of debris have been removed and hauled off in plastic bags, our roofing contractors will blow out the valley flashings in order to remove the finer debris and dirt particles.  Blockage is more common on tile roofs with flatter-style tile roofs and not so common on roofs with S-type tiles.  Many mistakingly think that debris blockage is on top of the valley tiles and that the blockage is easily visible from above with the naked eye.   In reality,  the valley blockage is more evident once the tiles have been removed by our roofers, because the blockage is actually found underneath the valley tiles and in the valley flashings.   In many cases, it is hard to believe how blocked the valley flashings are until the surrounding tiles have been removed.


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Our roofers performed an inspection on a home in Roseville California.   Our roofing contractors found a home with a wood shake roof.   This home had an older shake roof that had been treated sometime within the past three years.   The homeowner had probably paid anywhere from $3000 to $4500 to have this shake treatment performed in order to extend the life of this roof.  The roofing contractors describe that the wood shingles were already badly split and frayed at the time that the roof was treated which is the process of dry-rot.  Our roofers explain that performing shake treatment on a roof of this age really doesn’t do much good for the homeowner because this cost for treatment is about half the cost of a new roof and double the cost of a general repair.   Our company prefers to perform general repairs on a home of this age instead of performing shake treatment because the roof has very few years of life left even after the shake treatment has been performed.    A general repair is just as efficient as shake treatment for a roof of this age, but the cost would be significantly lesser.     Before obtaining a shake roof treatment on your roof, make sure that you first contact our company to allow us to determine if the more expensive shake treatment process will be better than having general repairs done to your roof.

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We provide services to the following Placer County and El Dorado County communities: AuburnGranite BayLincolnLoomisNewcastleRocklinRosevilleCameron ParkDiamond SpringsEl Dorado HillsPlacerville, and Shingle Springs.  


We also offer roofing services to the following Northern California counties:  AlamedaContra CostaEl DoradoMarinMercedNapaPlacerSacramentoSan JoaquinSolanoSonoma,  Stanislaus & Yolo counties.
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