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“No other Roofing Company in Northern California Inspects, Repairs and Certifies More Roofs; or, Solves More Roof Leak Problems”

Citrus Heights California Roof Repairs & Inspection

Serving the following Northern California Counties:  Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.

Roof Doctors, Adam Wilfley DBA,  provides Free Roof Inspections, Roof Repairs, and Roof Certifications to the city of Citrus Heights and other cities in Sacramento County such as:  AntelopeArcadeArdenCarmichaelCitrus HeightsCourtlandElk GroveElvertaFair OaksFlorinFolsomFoothill FarmsGaltGold RiverHeraldHoodIsletonMatherNatomasNorth HighlandsOrangevaleRancho CordovaRancho MurietaRio LindaRosemontSacramentoVineyardWalnut Grove & Wilton.
Adam Wilfley and Chris Wilfley founded Roof Doctors in 1987 and pioneered the process of wood shake restoration in Northern California.   The Wilfley brothers developed their own Roof Certification leak warranty and educated the real estate community, realtors and homeowners about the importance of obtaining a Roof Inspection and Roof Certification on their transactions.  Inspections and reports are usually completed within 24-48 Hours.  

Citrus Heights Roof Repairs and Roof Inspection

A roof inspection was performed on a roof in Citrus Heights California to determine if roof repairs are needed. This roof inspection found a dimensional composition roof that was in good condition and needed no roof repairs to the roof.  The roof inspection also found that this roof had trees that were rubbing on the roof that was causing some minor granulation loss.  Roof repairs are needed on this roof to trim the branches back to keep them from rubbing holes into the roof.  Trees need to also be trimmed to keep small animals from climbing onto the roof or finding their way into the attic.  If you observe tree branches too close to your roof, contact us for a free roof inspection to determine what roof repairs are needed to eliminate this problem.
We performed a roof inspection on a home that had a leak around the fireplace, the chimney flashing was not roofed properly thus causing the leak, roof repairs were needed to reroof the flashing properly and the leak was stopped.

                                      Citrus Heights California Roof Repairs and Roof Inspection

A roof inspection found over 100 composition shingles were found missing and blown off from the recent winds on a bank owned property, the roof repairs required that all of the shingles be replaced and the bank was able to sell the property as planned.

                                   Roof Repairs and Roof Inspection Citrus Heights California

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Call today at (916) 721-6130 to receive a free roof inspection and a free roof report or a free roof repair estimate for all your Citrus Heights California Roof Inspections, Repairs or Certification needs.


We also offer roofing services to the following Northern California counties: Alameda,   Contra Costa,   El Dorado,   Marin,   Merced,   Napa,   Placer,   Sacramento,  San Joaquin,   San Mateo,   Santa Clara,   Solano,   Sonoma,  Stanislaus   &   Yolo.
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