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Many of our competitors charge homeowners and homebuyers hundreds of dollars to inspect a roof. Roof Doctors however performs such a high volume of inspections that it has the convenience of providing FREE Roof Inspections and Roof Repair Reports.

What steps are taken to ensure the safety of my property during the roof replacement in Dinuba?

We use several safety measures to protect your property during a roof replacement. This includes covering landscaping and nearby areas to prevent debris damage. Our team is trained to work neatly, minimizing the impact on your property. After the job, we conduct a thorough cleanup, removing any materials, nails, or debris, ensuring your property looks just as it did before we started.

How can a new roof from Roof Doctors improve my home’s energy efficiency?

A new roof from Roof Doctors can significantly enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Modern roofing materials provide better insulation, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This means your heating and cooling systems will have to work less hard, leading to lower energy bills. A well-insulated roof also contributes to a more comfortable and consistent indoor environment.

What are the latest trends in roofing materials and styles in Dinuba, California?

The latest trends in roofing focus on combining functionality with style. Sustainable materials like recycled shingles or eco-friendly tiles are becoming popular for their minimal environmental impact. Energy-efficient roofs, such as solar panels or cool roofing technology, are also in demand. In terms of style, there’s a trend towards bold colors and unique textures that complement the home’s overall aesthetic.

How do I know which roofing material is best suited for my home?

Choosing the right roofing material depends on several factors unique to your home. We consider your home’s architectural style, the climate in your area, and your budget. Our experts can guide you through the options, explaining the benefits of each material, like the durability of metal or the classic tile look, to find the best fit for your home.


At Roof Doctors, doing what’s best for the customer is everything. From FREE Roof Inspections to our commitment to roof repair over replacement, we’ll go the extra mile for your roof. In that spirit, we’ve outlined three roof repair situations that every homeowner should think about.


A realtor recommended a homebuyer have a roof inspection performed for their upcoming real estate purchase. Roof Doctors completed a roof inspection and estimate recommending $700 in roof repairs and a 2-year Roof Certification Leak Warranty for a total of $900.

The Realtor recommended the homebuyer hire a handyman to do the roof repairs for $590. The escrow closed, rainstorms occurred, and the roof subsequently leaked. Roof Doctors performed a re-inspection of the roof and discovered that the handyman repairs the did were done incorrectly which led to the roof leaking. The new estimate to fix the poorly done repairs and leak was $1000. The Realtor ended up paying for the roof repairs because they recommended a handyman instead of a licensed roofing contractor.

The professionals at Roof Doctors diligently review your roof and wants what’s best for the long-term. Always hire a licensed roofing contractor to do roof repair.


Roofing applications for homes with a pitch or a slope less than 2.5 Degrees require a flat-roof application. During many roof inspections, we discover patios, room additions, or even porches have flat-pitched roofs with non-flat roof materials (3-tab or Composition Roofing). These errors usually cause leaking, and serious dry-rot damage in the sub-roofing and can be extremely expensive to fix.

Always obtain a roof inspection on any real estate transaction and make sure any improper roof installations are corrected before taking possession of a dwelling unit.


Many times, Roof Doctors will be contacted to perform a roof inspection, repairs, or issue a Roof Certification Leak Warranty on a home with a flat roof application. Typically, the only companies that will certify a flat-roof application are the original roofing contractor (provided it’s within their warranty period). Reputable roofing contractors will perform roof repairs but will not provide Roof Certification Leak Warranty on flat-roof applications that they did not install themselves. 

It gets complicted when a Mortgage lender requires roof repairs and a Roof Certification Leak Warranty as a condition of funding their loan. 

If you have a flat roof and need repairs/certification, we recommend you contact your City or County Building Department to find the contact information of the original Roofing Contractor. If you’re not within their warranty period or they will not work on your roof, you may need a roof replacement.


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