Roof Replacement & Repairs Altadena, CA

Regular roof inspections are required for homeowners to detect roofing issues. As your top provider, Roof Doctors is available to help with all your roofing needs, including roof maintenance, repair, and replacement.

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Order A Roof Inspection


Trouble with storm damage, maintenance or leaks? Request a Roof Inspection and a friendly, knowledgeable technician will be on-site within 1-2 business days.


If you’re looking for an inspection as part of the real estate process, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to ask about our signature Two-year Certification Warranty.

 Residential Roofing Services in Altadena

Roof Repair

No matter how robust your roof is, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear. Keeping up with routine roof maintenance and repairs can help you avoid more serious problems in the future. Some repairs can be done with slate composite, shaking, and flats, but only with the correct tools and experience. We’ve been assisting individuals with Altadena’s roofing needs since 1987, and our licensed crew of roofers guarantees to provide you with the best service possible.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement necessitates careful study of all available options before settling on a single material. Prepare yourself for the risk of background noise. If you want your new roof to last many years, resist the impulse to choose the lowest alternative. Work with a roofing company with experience in the area and prioritizes complete roof replacement. Roof Doctors is an excellent choice if you need a dependable roofing contractor in Altadena.

Our Roofing Services

It is important to invest in reliable roofing services for your home. Roofs are exposed to extreme weather conditions, so regular inspections and maintenance are crucial. If you have yet to have your roof checked or repaired, now is the opportune time. Since 1987, our company has been offering premium roofing services. We take great pride in delivering exceptional services at reasonable prices.

Our services include:

  • Composition Shingle
  • Tile Roofing
  • Shake Roofing
  • Silicone Roof Coating
  • Roof Maintenance

When you reach out to Roof Doctors, we will attentively listen to your concerns and provide an affordable solution that fits your budget.

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Your Roof Contractor in Altadena

For more than three decades, Roof Doctors has provided outstanding service to the people of Altadena, CA, always staying true to our ideals and word. We set our standards high on purpose to stand out among the small pool of established roofing providers. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as Altadena and the surrounding area’s premier roofing company.

Our company’s founders saw the need for a company that could handle roofing repairs and installations and set out to fill that void. As a result, we’ve fine-tuned our staff of roofing experts to serve the locals better.

Common Roofing Problems in Altadena

Here are prevalent roofing concerns for homeowners in Altadena, CA:

  1. Ventilation Issues: Insufficient ventilation increases attic heat in summer, leading to quicker material wear and higher cooling expenses.
  2. Debris Build-up: Wind-blown leaves and branches can gather, causing water retention and roof damage.
  3. Weather Wear: The region’s hot summers and rainy winters gradually degrade roofs.
  4. Faulty Installation: Improper installation techniques, low-quality materials, or incorrect underlayment and flashing can create problems.
  5. Leaks & Moisture: Cracked shingles, flawed flashing, or compromised underlayment can lead to moisture penetration.
  6. Pest Damage: Birds, rodents, and insects might harm roofs in certain locales.

We Serve Altadena


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Should My Roof Be Repaired or Replaced?

Whether to repair or replace your roof hinges on these factors:

  1. Roof age: Over 15 years? Replacement might be economical.
  2. Damage scale: Large areas of damage suggest replacement.
  3. Cost: If frequent repairs are costly, consider a replacement.
  4. Future plans: Selling soon? Replace for value. Staying long-term? Go for repair.

Always consult a trusted roofing contractor for tailored advice. Call Roof Doctors for more roofing information.