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In need of roofing services? Don’t worry. Roof Doctors got you covered! Our professional roofers offer various services, from roof repair to replacement and even maintenance. Call us today and get a free estimate of your roof.

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Get a Free Roof Inspection


Trouble with storm damage, maintenance or leaks? Request a FREE Roof Inspection and a friendly, knowledgeable technician will be on-site within 1-2 business days.


If you’re looking for an inspection as part of the real estate process, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to ask about our signature Two-year Certification Warranty.

 Residential Roofing Services in Pomona

Roof Repair

Dealing with leaky and damaged roofs can give you stress and anxiety, knowing that you are putting your home’s roof and family at risk. Your home’s roofing system stands as the first defense from different harsh weather and serves as a protection for your family, and that is why it is vital to put it as one of the priorities. With a proper roofing system, your family can experience the safety and security of being inside your home. If you are solving roofing problems, don’t hesitate to contact Roof Doctors. We are here as your go-to experts for all your roofing needs.

Roof Replacement

Determining if your roof needs to be replaced? If your roof has already been 20-25 years since the roof was replaced, water is leaking into your home, shingles are visibly cracked or damaged, the roof sags, and it shows a growth of molds or moss that has been grown on the roof materials. Look out for these signs that indicate that it might be time for a complete roof replacement. Call Roof Doctors immediately; we are the experts to help you with your roof replacement project. DIY is not advisable, and hiring a professional to do the job correctly is best.

Our Roofing Services

If you are looking for a reliable roof service provider, look no further than Roof Doctors! Our team has experience with more than 35 years in the roofing industry. We know how to get the job done correctly. We assure quality workmanship to our clients by using premium roofing materials that are affordable and within the budget. Our cutting-edge technology roof repair and installation ensures that your roof will return to its top shape.

Our services include:

  • Composition Shingle
  • Tile Roofing
  • Shake Roofing
  • Silicone Roof Coating
  • Roof Maintenance

Our process is straightforward: we come to your house, assess the extent of damage, and give you different options according to your roofing needs.

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Your Roof Contractor in Pomona

For more than three decades, our team at Roof Doctors has remained dedicated to our core values and warranties to provide exceptional services to the residents of Pomona, CA.

With few other roofing companies that have been around for a long time, we deliberately set our quality to high standards and differ from the competitors. We have become the most preferred roofing contractor in the community and nearby area.

The founders of Roof Doctors immediately recognize a gap in the roofing market. With the high demand for a roof service provider that offers repairs and installation, we honed our team of experts to fill the gap and provide the community’s roofing needs.

Roofing Cost in Pomona

Common types of roofing in Pomona, CA, include asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and metal roofs. The cost can vary depending on factors such as the size of the roof, the material chosen, and the complexity of the installation. Generally, asphalt shingles are the most affordable option, ranging from $3 to $5 per square foot. Clay tiles are more expensive, averaging between $10 and $20 per square foot. Metal roofs can range from $7 to $12 per square foot. Remember that these approximate prices may vary based on specific circumstances and contractors.

We Serve Pomona


“We had noticed there parts of the roof falling off, so I called Roof Doctors. They were able to repair the roof in a timely manner, their quality of work, and the cost of repairs, I would definitely recommend them.”
-Romina Tejada
“What can I say, this company does grade A+ Work! If you think hiring a good roofer is expensive, try hiring a bad one. I Guarantee these guys will beat the local prices. Definitely gonna be using them again on future jobs. Thanks doc!”
-Matthew Brock
“Love their free roof inspection/report. Quotes for fixes seem somewhat reasonable too. Got our inspection scheduled quickly and timely.”
-Danae Olsen
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Common Causes of Roof Damage

The most common reasons for roof repair are:

  • Aging Shingles: they can become weak and brittle, potentially requiring more frequent repairs or replacement.
  • Neglected Roof Repairs: this can lead to more severe damage. Regular maintenance is crucial.
  • Weather Conditions: Elements like cold rain, occasional hail, or severe storms can damage your roof.
  • Wind and Storms: Choose materials with high wind resistance.
  • High Heat: this can damage your roof over time. Ventilation, insulation, and radiant barriers can mitigate this.
  • Poor Installation: Issues related to improper installation can lead to damage.

If your roof shows signs of damage or aging, consider contacting a professional for advice, repairs, inspections, or a replacement. Call Roof Doctors!