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How long will a new roof last after replacement in Dublin, CA?

The durability of a new roof depends largely on the type of materials used. For instance, asphalt shingles, a common choice, typically last between 20 to 30 years. On the other hand, more durable materials like metal or tile can last even longer, often exceeding 50 years. The longevity of your roof will also depend on factors like climate, maintenance, and the quality of installation.

What is the process of working with Roof Doctors for a roof replacement?

When you choose Roof Doctors for a roof replacement, the process is thorough yet straightforward. First, we conduct a detailed inspection of your current roof to assess its condition. Next, we guide you in selecting the right materials for your new roof, considering weather, aesthetics, and budget. We then handle the necessary paperwork to obtain any permits required for the job. The actual work begins with removing your old roof, followed by installing the new one. Finally, we perform a final inspection to ensure everything is perfect and up to your standards.

How do Roof Doctors dispose of old roofing materials in Dublin, CA?

At Roof Doctors, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices. When we remove your old roofing materials, we make sure to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. This often includes recycling as much of the material as possible. Our goal is to minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of our roofing projects.

Will a roof replacement increase the value of my home in Dublin, CA?

Absolutely! Replacing an old or damaged roof with a new one can significantly boost the value of your home. A new roof enhances the curb appeal, making your home look more attractive from the outside and improving its energy efficiency and structural integrity. This can be a major selling point if you plan to put your home on the market, as buyers often look for homes that won’t require immediate repairs.

Roofing Tips

Many of our competitors will charge up to $100 or more to a homeowner or a home buyer to inspect a roof and then issue a roof report describing how bad the roof is and what repairs  may be required to fix that roof.  We believe that paying a roofing contractor to describe any roof problems in a roof report is like a roofing contractor paying a homeowner to fix their roof….and we all know that is not going to happen.  Roof Doctors performs such a high-volume of inspections that it has the convenience of providing free roof inspections and free roof reports.  The following are tips to keep you informed.

Roof Tip #1

A buyer was recommended by a Realtor to have a roof inspection performed on a real estate purchase transaction on a home in Dublin California.   Roof Doctors completed a roof inspection and issued a roof report indicating that roof repairs were required in the amount of $375 and a 2-year Roof Certification Leak Warranty was offered in the amount of $250 for a total of $625.

The Realtor recommended that the home buyer hire a handyman to do the roof repairs for $590.   Escrow closed, rainstorms occurred, and the roof subsequently leaked in an area unrelated to the roof repairs completed by the handyman.   Roof Doctors performed a re-inspection of the roof and discovered that roof repairs were required to clean out tile roof valleys in the amount of $725, which would have been covered by a Roof Certification Leak warranty.  The Realtor ended up paying the cost for the roof repairs for recommending a handyman instead of a licensed roofing contractor to do the original roof repairs.

Roof Tip #2

Roofing applications for homes with a pitch or a slope less than 2 1/2 require a flat-roof application.   Many times, during a roof inspection, it is discovered that patios, room additions, or porches have flat-pitched roof repairs or new roofs that were installed with 3-tab or dimensional composition roofing materials.  Composition roofing material is not a flat-roof application and should always be avoided.   These types of roofs will usually leak and cause serious dry-rot damage in the sub-roofing and will require costly roof repairs. Always obtain a roof inspection on any real estate transaction and make sure any roof repairs are completed to correct any improper roof installation of any roof before taking possession of any dwelling unit.

Roof Tip #3

Many times, Roof Doctors will be contacted to perform a roof inspection, perform roof repairs or to issue a Roof Certification Leak Warranty on a home with a flat-roof application.   Typically, the only companies that will certify a flat-roof application is the roofing contractor who installed the current roof and provided that it is still within their warranty period.   Reputable roofing contractors will perform roof repairs but will not provide Roof Certification Leak Warranty on flat-roof applications that they did not install themselves.  Sometimes a lender will require roof repairs and a Roof Certification Leak Warranty as a condition of funding their loan.  It is our recommendation that you contact the City or County Building Department who has jurisdiction over the property, find the name and contact information of the Roofing Contractor who did the roof repairs or installed the roof and find out if it is still within their warranty period, otherwise the roof may require replacement.


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