Roof Replacement & Repairs in Sunol CA

Roof Doctors, founded in 1987 and based in California, is a business you can trust with your home’s roof. We repair and replace!

 Residential Roofing Services in Sunol

Roof Doctors offers free roof inspections so you can rest easy knowing your property is safe. Roof inspections are an important aspect of preventative maintenance, and you shouldn’t avoid them if your roof is older than ten years.

Roof Repair

Is there a leak in your house that has been giving you a lot of trouble? The roofs of Californian homes and businesses are in good hands with us since we are equipped to handle any cleaning or maintenance tasks that may arise.  A leaking roof is seldom the cause of a cheerful home. If your roof leaks in the Sunol area, call us, and we’ll send out a crew to fix it. 

Roof Replacement

Homeowners may feel overwhelmed and perplexed by the procedure of filing an insurance claim or getting quotes to replace their roofs. Roof Doctors will inspect your roof at no charge and give you a full report of our findings. To provide an accurate picture of your roof’s condition, one of our roofers will thoroughly document any damage they find.

Our Roofing Services

When it comes to roofing, you can trust us since we are a local business you can count on. Over the past 30 years, we have amassed a list of recommendations from our many grateful clients. Since our founding in 1987, Roof Doctors has served the roofing needs of both residential and commercial clients. The entirety of our efforts is executed by our staff. Regarding roofing, we only use the most quality materials available on the market today, and we take great pleasure in the quality of our work. We work on:

  • Composition Shingle
  • Tile
  • Shake
  • Silicone Roof Coating
  • Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is just as important as maintaining your car. If you can’t remember the last time that your roof was maintained, then don’t hesitate to call us.


Roof Sales Man Giving a free roof inspection while standing in front of a white house
Graphic style image of a roof being replaced

Your Roof Contractor in Sunol

The Roof Doctors have been living up to their roofing promises since 1987! By sticking with their core values, they have kept their doors open through all the market conditions- recessions and booms!

Initially, the founders of The Roof Doctors saw a gap in the Californian roofing market; people needed roofers in Sunol, California, that used long-lasting materials and did quality work at a reasonable price.

About Roofing in Sunol California

The weather is perfect for roofing, and you can expect that roofers in Sunol can work year-round. Tile and shingle are popular roof choices here. If you are looking for an economical solution to your roofing needs then inquire about our roof repairs and see if your roof is eligible for one. Shingle by far will bring you the best value for your money.

We serve the entire city of Sunol!


“The Roof Doctors customer service is on point. I would recommend 100%. They came out checked the damage, didn’t charge for more than what it was and the roof repair was done correctly. No more leaks!”

-James Heggerty

“Have been using them for years, with both our property management side and sales side. It’s always an easy process, plus, efficient friendly and helpful staff. Reports are easy to read, understand and include pictures.”

-Kay French

“Booked them to do some roof repairs, very impressed thank you!”

– Alejandra Munoz

Shingle roof that needs to be repaired. A couple shingle are wind damaged

Can My Roof Be Repaired?

What you need to do is evaluate the age of your roof and the level of damage. If the age of your roof is close to or exceeds its expected lifespan, you should probably get it entirely replaced. If you’ve seen a decline in your roof’s performance over the years, it may be time to consider a replacement. Additionally, if your roof has sustained significant damage from weather, debris, fire, or water, it is generally best to replace it. Minor repairs can be made to a section of the roof with a few missing or damaged shingles, but if the damage is extensive, the entire section should be replaced. We repair or replace

  • Tile Roofs
  • Composition Shingle Roofs
  • Flat Roofs Roofs

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